To Deconstruct is a deconstructed “zine” conveying the of the fear and hatred of being unheard, misunderstood, misinterpreted, and misplaced into ugly stereotypes―which from running away from, I, and many others like myself, still inevitably come to face in the end.

Birthed from the need to express thoughts and feelings that are otherwise suppressed, I began working by collecting, organizing and composing sentences, phrases, and other writings that had accumulated in the notes of my phone over the past couple of months. Aesthetic imagery unrelated to the text is paired with the use of typography and warm color choice to make the pieces seemingly approachable. Pronouns and adjectives are omitted from the text to conceal the voice of an individual being, my own in particular. Large chunks of my original writings are also removed out of fear of how they would read to the audience. Left decomposed to viewers, the collective work reads with an inescapable passive aggressive tone.

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